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Comment: this horse has his tongue in the water but will not drink

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this horse has his tongue in the water but will not drink

You ignore my point, do not appreciate the orders of magnitude involved, and seek absurdity over understanding.

Here's a life algorithm.'s_Game_of_Life

Though oversimplified, it is how life evolves. Imagine each animation frame as one million years' worth of mutation. Proximity is genetic similarity. Sometimes they separate. Empty cells are extinctions. They are common. Just because 99% of all species that ever evolved are now extinct does not in any way disprove evolution or its mechanics.

When trying to distinguish similar species, it may be appropriate to imagine their genetic lineages as thick rope composed of thousands of tiny twines, each a little different, just waiting for an external pressure to cleave the rope down the middle, separating species.

All the organic structures you see today are the outermost leaves of a tree so colossal and ancient most of its trunk rotted away a billion years ago. This does not disprove the fact that it grows to this day.

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