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Comment: Isagenix is not a bad product

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Isagenix is not a bad product

Isagenix is not a bad product but it sure is expensive. And in order to keep the weight off, you must use the product forever.

The first version of the product had this wonderful cleanse made from B vitamins and rainforest ingredients. Drinking this product made me feel so relaxed while curbing my appetite. Unfortunately, many people had adverse reactions to the strong supplement. Reformulating the product resulted in a watered down version that does nothing for me.

My friend has around 30 people using the product so she is able to pay for her Isagenix and make a little money on the side. The problem with people in MLM is they are always trying to sell the product to everyone. It gets annoying.

The only way to make any money in MLM is to have a ready made contact list. He has got one. I say more power to him but he sure was rude to block you.

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