Comment: How is my rhetoric

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How is my rhetoric

irrational? It demands for them or me to be what?

I honestly don't see it that trivial. I also didn't mean to have a discussion on whether conspiracies are legitimate a priori. Of course they are, everyone's entitled to their opinions and theories. What i was saying is simply that i think any conspiracy, or, to lay all of the blame at the leftie's door solely, is not the main reason for every mess republicans are in today.
It is also in large part due to their lack of self-reflection in the past, a problem that, by the way, would also apply to democrats today.

If conservatives would have been more vigilant in the first place, they probably wouldn't have been taken over by the neocons.

However i think we can agree, that most people have become incredibly narrow minded and lazy in many ways, likewise here in europe.