Comment: Gee, wonder what's on the DP this morning

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Gee, wonder what's on the DP this morning

I hope it's something really interesting and...oh, another 'relationship' thread.

Maybe it's not one's political positions that makes oneself appear unattractive, but the amount of time spent online and/or the fact nobody likes someone who never shuts up about politics? Oh ho ho, couldn't be that though, because clearly it's someone else's fault!

Doesn't apply to some here but I get a funny feeling that's all it boils down to with a lot of folks.

I see the same complaints in video game themed message boards too. All the ronery guys there talk about how they're too smart for the average woman, yet seem to want to dry hump anything that breathes, and at least appears female.

I used to use all the same excuses, until I realized that nobody likes being endlessly corrected, told that they're "sheep" for liking (x), have quotes lobbed at them every twenty seconds while being told that you couldn't get her any roses because you'd feel guilty for contributing to the Floral-Industrial Complex.

What I'm getting at, is that to an "outsider", all that's going to add up to an awful lot of complaining, and who wants to date someone who constantly bitches about everything?

Also possibly relevant; wasn't there a Jung/Briggs Myers personality test thread earlier in the year a bunch of folks here took, and it suggested that the overwhelming majority of the DP is filled with introverts? (INTJ seemed to be especially popular, despite occurring in 1-2% of the general population...)

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