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Unfortunately government like

Unfortunately government likes to blame these things on raw milk with little or no evidence. Several things in their reports don't make sense:

"One patient was exposed to brand A dairy product only once; he was served raw chocolate colostrum as a snack when visiting a friend. No other food item was commonly consumed by all six patients. No other illness was reported among household members who consumed brand A dairy products."

If it was true that raw milk was the culprit here why is he the only one who contracted e coli here and no other family members did who all consumed the same product? Also for that matter why was there not a mass break out of it for all the customers who consumed the same product?...

Here is why:

"Fifty-six product samples from several lots with code dates of September 17, 2006, or later were retrieved from retails stores and dairy A and were tested for aerobic microflora, total coliform, fecal coliform, and E. coli O157:H7. The outbreak strain of E. coli O157:H7 was not found in any product samples."

While raw milk can have problems like any food it is mainly dependent on the farmer and his practices. Grass fed cows are preferred because grain fed cows promote e-coli, and of course cleanliness in processing the milk.

One of the reasons for pasteurization is so diary farmers do not have to adhere as strictly to these rules. So they raise the cows in their own feces and feed them grain which is not their natural diet. and promotes disease.

Raw milk has far fewer incidents then factory farms... If you are afraid of raw milk then don't drink milk at all because pasteurized milk is not good for you it changes the molecular structure of the milk and renders it nutritionless and harmful to the digestion tract.

It is probably why the dramatic rise in intestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis etc. Many people who are deemed "lactose intolerant" find they can drink raw milk just fine.

In the end know what you are buying and the farms practices and habits don't trust government regulation to protect your health for you.

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