Comment: I am single but...

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I am single but...

I have several characteristics that women tend to shy away from (in my experience, anyway).

First, I have been independent from a very early age. I cook, garden, keep a decent house, and I can repair almost anything from plumbing to electronics. I've had women tell me - "I need you to need me" - but the truth is that I was surviving just fine before I met them and would do so if/when they leave. I think it's much more attractive for people not to "need" each other, but rather "want" them around because they enjoy their company. I can "need" something without liking or loving it.

Second, I tell the truth. When someone asks me a question, they should be prepared for a straight answer. I try to be as gentle as possible, but I cannot tell people what they want to hear for the sake of keeping the peace. That - to me - is lying. Honesty is the best policy.

Third, I reserve the right to openly disagree with anyone at any time. True progress is only made when people confront the truth. Many people have misconceptions of the world. That is no secret, but it turns out that most people don't like to confront them. On the other hand, I will openly admit when I am wrong with little to no hesitation. I've always said that a person learns much more from being wrong than they'll ever learn from being right.

Fourth, I have a very long attention span. I can sit down and read a book or write for days at a time without doing much else besides stopping to eat or to get a drink. I've been known to read a book at parties if I get bored (and a book is available). I haven't met anyone yet that understands this quality. It goes back to making people feel that I don't need them.

Fifth, I refuse to be anyone but myself. I like me. Do you like you?

If there are any women that think they are interested to take me for a whirl, I am 31 and live in Eastern Oklahoma. I do have many redeeming qualities. I am funny, quick witted, tall (6'7"), blue eyes, intelligent, and I am always smiling and typically in a good mood.

For the most part, I have given up on relationships. I do not put up with drama, and it will make me leave very quickly. I would like to meet a woman that stops and thinks before she acts rather than acting solely based on emotional whims (there must be some out there). I enjoy the company of a good woman, but most of the women that tend to be attracted to me are either too old for me or married. Attracting unavailable women is the story of my life.