Comment: Ok, I've read the literature on this stuff.

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Ok, I've read the literature on this stuff.

Everyone who espouses it usually will write 10000 page posts which are difficult at best to get through. It seems believable, the best I have found is "THE TRUTH" written by "anonymous", it's around 14 chapters, but does have some sound evidence which I have researched and checked...

Bottom line, provide a few cases where this has been shown to be successful. Obviously "they" don't want you to know, and cover successful cases up. But someone out there needs to provide video, or maybe South, you could hire a lawyer or have lunch with a judge (I have contemplated this as I do have a friend who is a judge), off the record of course. But the whole 300,000 dollar bond thing, utility companies get paid by that bond is waaay out there.

There may be some validity here, but my fear is a lot of what is preached is merely half truth's, which is why some hard evidence is needed, or someone will get themselves in deeeep s(*&.