Comment: I agree with this guy.

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I agree with this guy.

I have never trained or volunteered to "protect" anyone - not a cop, not in the military. I never really wanted the "protection" of these people, but I was forced to accept it, and taxed to pay for it. I was VERY excited to see the Oathkeepers start, but what are they waiting for? If they do not step up and fight the LAW, then do they plan to fight door to door, because that is what comes next.
I just can't listen any more. I actually thought this would be Stuart's rally cry, but not so much. I am tired of being assured the cops and military will be good guys "when it counts" and seeing new cases every day of them serving their evil overlords with glee. It counts NOW. If you swore to uphold the Constitution and you meant it, you need to do it NOW, before any door to door work begins.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.