Comment: A single 20 something female

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A single 20 something female

A single 20 something female here. I support individualism and hate the herd mentality. Although I'm monogamous I'm quite independent and don't pay too much attention to what other people think of me. I'll say and do whatever seems right to me but yes most women want to please others instead of swimming against the stream and standing up for their beliefs. They want to be approved by the society and they want to feel safe. Libertarians are in the minority for now so that maybe a reason why we don't see many libertarian females. I hope it changes and it better change because personally I can't possibly be in a relationship with a bleeding heart lefty Obama fan female. She has to be either a moderate conservative or a libertarian. (Yes I'm gay).

I'd like to mention one point though. You said "most women drop men like a bad habit as soon as they prove themselves to not be compliant and especially do not want to be with someone who "questions authority." I observed the opposite. If you noticed women are drawn to powerful figures and rebels such as rich men or rock stars. Not because these people are rich but because they're the authority themselves or they go against the authority. They're bad boys and bad boys get women chasing after them while the nice guys end up in the friend zone. I think women should find the rebellious self sufficient nature of libertarians very attractive.