Comment: "and replace the biosphere with living "product" lines, that can

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"and replace the biosphere with living "product" lines, that can

destroy, by cross-breeding, the integrity of wild populations."

You'd think this would be glaringly obvious being that we have many examples of non-GMO aggressive gene species introduced, either accidentally or intentionally, into various ecosyetems, that have reeked havoc on them.

Let's take the potential poison to humans through consumption out for a second and think of just that alone.

Can people not see the danger of trying to be the creator of life? These companies are like greed crazed kids in a science class, dead set on the idea that they can get rich if they can only figure out how to market Frankenstein monster to the general population.

Why are they pushing so hard for crazy ideas like this when they could focus on natural ways to increase food production. They're exactly like the pharma industry I guess where the seemingly only thing they care about is how much money the next drug will make them without the first concern as to whether they should be selling it or not.

It's insane, seriously insane. I'm not joking.

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