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Hey I'm divorced

but I'm an old smudge.

I used to ride motorcycles, I owned my own shop. I was renown.

I used to camp in all 4 seasons, even sub-zero winters.

I have owned a rifle since I was 11.

I wrote a book about food storage and preservation techniques, I'll send you an e-copy.

I read voraciously, always have, I taught myself to speed read in college.

We are lifetime learners or fulltime losers, this I know.

I have two dogs that are my constant friends and companions.

My father just died and I have so little family left that I might make do with somebody else's.

I am rather a movie snob, the sets, costuming, writing and casting have to be marvelous. One movie still makes me cry: Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa.

I will fight for my friends any time of any day of any week and I don't care if I die trying. I am not only insanely loyal but I am fiercely protective.

I like so many different kinds of music I don't even bother playing it, I just listen for it. My fave song is children laughing and shouting.

I can't resist a good junk yard or thrift store, flea markets are kinda so-so in my estimation.


Now I am just an old and rusty Smudge Pot.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.