Comment: Concerning Rand, this is a dilemna.

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Concerning Rand, this is a dilemna.

Play lap dog to advance his career while keeping America in the dark, or educate Americans while he is still in office.

gop understands game playing. I am sure that they know full well that if Rand does advance his career, he would potentially do the right things. I don't see them letting that happen, I don't see them actually liking Rand. Rand, while he has the chance, should educate his constituents and the American people of the atrocities that are taking place, and what is in the actual bills. Otherwise, how would people know when and what to seriously object to.

Many believe that he should play the game, support sanctions, not berate feinstein-lee, while others like me believe that the truth should be told so that constituents have the opportunity to make noise and do what is right, here and now.

This nation is in the sh|tter. There is no more time to play games, IMHO.

I pray for all of us.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul