Comment: Let’s Stereotype kid with shoplifter hoodie trailed by a mugger

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Let’s Stereotype kid with shoplifter hoodie trailed by a mugger

Response to Austin

If my suggestions were accepted George Zimmerman would be trailing Trayvon Martin with his gun in a locked box strapped to his side, and since Zimmerman would have already lost his 1000 dollar bond for his excuse for unlocking not accepted earlier, he would have had to call 911 for permission to unlock the box, and the dispatcher would have told him to hand the phone to Trayvon Martin.

If carrying of secured guns were allowed the Joker could have been shot at, but if so he would not have wasted time to go back to his car when his powerful automatic jammed from him overloading it.
The principle in that elementary school could have had a secured gun but it probably wouldn’t have saved him

Austin Dave, if you attacked an undercover police officer, especially one ignoring orders to cease following you, thinking you were defending yourself from what was dressed like a mugger, and you were going in and out of a comma would you want the gun lobby defending you or the officer who shot you?

Switzerland has a strong militia, every volunteer, to the equilateral of a US state national guard, is issued a powerful gun by the government, which they make into an ordinary gun upon retirement, with laws against modifiable guns.

Advocates of all sides of Hot Button issues keep America arguing instead of solving our problems. The American people strongly believe the earlier the better when it comes to abortion but advocates on both sides stop such suggestions.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA