Comment: Network marketing is called that for a reason.....

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Network marketing is called that for a reason.....

Because you market to people in your existing network. I do not see anything wrong with what Israel Anderson is doing, he has even spent time trying to get me to sign up to Isagenix and I am giving it serious consideration. I used to sell Amway too just like Doug Weed but I have moved on to Numis Network since then because I think Numis has a better compensation plan than Amway did and I would rather help people collect assets (Silver and Gold) rather than sell consumable products because I want to help people develop wealth and personal financial freedom.

Would you rather spend your money on products that are being sold by Socialists? Or would you rather put your money back into the Liberty movement by supporting Liberty oriented businesses like Doug Weed and Israel Anderson's Isagenix or my Numis Network?

I know Israel personally and he is a really nice guy. He chooses to sell Isagenix and I sell silver premier club memberships and numismatic Silver and Gold coins to people who want to join my Numis Network and then I help them build up their Numis so they can start receiving their Numismatic graded Silver coins for free each month.
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Israel had every right to block you from His facebook group/pages if you were causing trouble for him on His pages, the keywords there are "His pages". It is easier to market to folks who are already in your network than trying to market to people who have no idea who you are. There is nothing wrong with marketing products to your friends and people in your network as long as you are marketing a solid product and not ripping people off and being dishonest or scamming them, and I know Israel is not dishonest or ripping anyone off or scamming them so I don't know why you are complaining.

I ran for State Representative here in Colorado and became networked with hundreds/thousands of people in the Liberty movement myself in the process. I don't see anything wrong with capitalizing on those connections I made with other people. I am a Capitalist after all.