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Comment: Committees of Defiance

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Committees of Defiance

The founders formed into committees and ultimately a continental congress. The discussed and wrote petitions to the British government to address their grievances. Instead of being placated, the British government declared them all outlaws (terrorists) and ordered the 'traitors' arrested.

When your own government declares you an outlaw or otherwise places you outside its protection... a state of war exists. Whether you like it or not. Whether that is the outcome you hoped for or not, it is the scenario.

The founders didn't want a war. They reacted. And reacted. The only proper reaction when agents come knocking at your door to disarm and/or arrest you is to understand you are now at war and act accordingly. They did. Their final 'petition' was the Declaration of Independence.

During a state of war, totally different 'rules' apply and behavior is different than it would be during times of peace. The social state of war and a clue about these 'rules' are taken from the pages of history in the forms of maxims.

"They fight individually and are collectively conquered"

That is one of my favorite maxims and it applies very much to the situation today. The founders had organized militia regiments. Even with those, the British regular army kicked their butts constantly. We don't have *any* organization at all. What can one person with a shotgun do? Become a lone wolf? How does that help anybody, including the lone wolf? Guns are no use in war unless they can be used collectively. Patriots will either start training together, or they will surrender and give up their arms. This has nothing to do with weapons and everything to do with people standing shoulder to shoulder against tyranny.