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My four medals from the American Culinary Federation are in the vegan and Vegetarian category.

BTW Beans make wonderful gluten free brownues, cookies, cakes... and of course.. filling for the same and pies.

Now about this baking soda trick... my advice: lose it.

The trick to beans is .. scratch that.. this is a secret that was shared with me by a 93 year old Basque woman over a decade ago IT WORKS!.. add a whole unpeeled onion to remove gas. I have several pressure cookers, one being electric that cooks my sorted and soaked beans in 11 minutes.. otherwise, I cook with gas for 30. I use the presure cooker a lot because it conserves water and energy.

Beans are not a complete protien and I suggest searving with rice or another grain/seed.

About 7 years ago I got into raw food, which doesn't use cooked beans, but instead, we use seeds.. and I think seeds, chia and hemp especially favs of mine, are a survival food BIG TIME.

We have a Raw Food Culinary Institute here where I've worked at (may be doing that again)... and this vid below features one of our visiting chefs.. I love her and hope you do too.. check out this refried "bean" recipe: