Comment: There won't ever be "another day when our numbers are greater."

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There won't ever be "another day when our numbers are greater."

If confiscation is implemented, that is the day when our numbers will be the strongest. After that, we are either dying fighting, or giving up willingly.

Your "logic" is flawed.

I also take extreme exception to the idea that I should be a coward and let me neighbor get the brunt of the government's force upon them as "easy pickins."

It is the duty of the Patriot to defend his country from its government.

Your espoused philosophy here is no different than behavior that liberals engage in.

They don't think others will really help out the less fortunate, so they clammor for taxes and welfare. They think this way, because they are selfish.

You claim no one will come to your defense because YOU won't do that for someone else. You've stated yourself, you intend to hide your guns and instead watch idly as your neighbors are either disarmed, or slaughtered.

Your position also brings up a very important question, if not at the point of overt acts of war against you - at the point of attempted disarmament, you will not defend yourself, then why hide the guns at all? When exactly do you plan to put them to use and for what?

Genius, THAT is the time you are supposed to use them if for no other reason.