Comment: Be part of the Liberty movement in the GOP

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Be part of the Liberty movement in the GOP

This is exactly the reason why Liberty supporters need to JOIN the Republican Party. Otherwise, you can yell, and shout, and be ignored by the Republican leadership. And, the byproduct, is the Republican leadership will ignore Liberty supporters, and lose again. Nobody wins.

Or - Join the Republican Party, get involved, and make a difference. Remember the "RepubliCAN" party that Dr. Paul threw in Tampa. This is why. Liberty supporters must take positions of power within the GOP.

Heck, in Massachusetts, I was just informed that a State Committee seat opened up today, BUT to be able to vote on the replacement, you need to be a member of the Republican Town Committee. In Mass, the Liberty movement has a strong influence in the MassGOP, and every leadership vote matters. That is why we need every hand on deck to join their RTC in Massachusetts, so they voice/vote/Liberty perspective is not ignored!

Happy New Year - Good Luck with your Liberty Activism in 2013!