Comment: Reality check...

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Reality check...

History 101 lesson:

1) Ron Paul was never an anarcho. He is an Old Right conservative.
2) Anarchos, never being more than 10-15% or so of libertarians, have always always been a tiny minority/sect
3) Rothbard started out Old Right.
4) Throughout Rothbard's career he encouraged political alliance with the Old Right.
5) Rothbard veered back to the Old Right during his last years
6) Rothbard FOUNDED the Robert Taft Club (Taft was the hero of the Old Right)
7) The word "libertarian" was already in political usage PRIOR to the advent of Rothbard and ancapism.

Why should a website dedicated to an Old Right libertarian conservative make any appeals at all to the spokesman for a tiny minority sect of those who call themselves "libertarian"?

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