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Single in SoCal

OK, here's a big part of the problem - masculinity and femininity are being systematically removed from modern culture. My last relationship ended with the sharing of a podcast on eugenics with the significant other of the time - a ribald feminist in the modern sense of the term. When she couldn't admit to herself that her hero Margaret Sanger was a racist and eugenicist (despite the primary source evidence I presented to the contrary), it had noticeable deleterious effects on our romantic life, and before long it was "sayonara, sista!"

Although neither of these are the particular podcast I referred to above, they are in many ways more relevant to this thread, and both are a "must listen" in my opinion:

Karen of GirlWritesWhat interview – “The Feminist Fallacy”:

Curtis Duncan on the conspiracy to feminize males and masculinize females:

I'm willing to discuss any of this with any female with her head screwed on straight. Coffee is on me.