Comment: George Soros has ties to 30

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George Soros has ties to 30

George Soros has ties to 30 major news media organizations and yes, the New York Times is one of them.Most people won't bother to look but they can be found in whistleblowers publications December 2010 and July 2011. The first is titled GEORGE SOROS AND HIS EVIL EMPIRE and the second is THE ANTI-JOURNALIST/Not only do they refuse to report the truth-they attack you if you do.I sometimes wonder if it would make any difference if more people knew who they were and the people behind them? Sadly,Judge Andrew P.Napolitano's book A NATION of SHEEP describes most American citizens today. George Soros and his Open Society Institute fund 152 organization today. Adolf Hitler once said his greatest weapon was time an individual listens to or watches the news they are most likely listening a news media site funded by Soros.

Bob Marshall