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We are very, very distressed that so much information is being withheld from the public. We are very, very distressed that the Media refuses to do their job. And, we are VERY, VERY DISTRESSED that Eric Holder would fly down to Connecticut and interfere with the first responsders to the scene. Why was he there? What reason would he have had to even talk to these local police and law enforcement officers and local deputy coroners and Chief Coroner?

The mere fact that now the police administration is saying this investigation?? would take months?? Really! With such a cut and dry case, with the murderer right there? I think we know what is going on. Where are the men the police arrested that were seen handcuffed in a "prone" position? Where are these men that were seen inside a police car? What is going on here?

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT.....NEVER.....I repeat....NEVER......obfuscate the true facts of such a horrific crime........UNLESS.....they have been tapped by the FEDS to shut up. Facts do not change with the wind either. Questions are answered!

We just had a homicide here in my city recently. The facts came out. There was no coverup. The situation was understandable, and there was MOTIVE....big time....MOTIVE.

Where was Adam Lanza's motive? Answer...there wasn't any, and even the Media reports it was a "mystery".