Comment: Your Poem Reminds Me of this Song

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Your Poem Reminds Me of this Song

From reading your comments in this thread, I know you're unlikely to enjoy the following song, but you could appreciate it.

As for me, I like the song. It's a rap song. I recognize our age difference could be the maker on our takes of this song, but do know this song was before rappers swore or, if they did, wielded swears how Norse god Thor wields his hammer Mjolnir, mostly and forcefully. This song rhymes and is creative. That's the rap I enjoy. Perhaps it's poetry. Whether it is poetry, the song's fun and light hearted.

Here is this one hit wonder and, I think, his lyrical, suave song "I Wish."

TRIVIA FUN: Before clicking the link, any DPer, can you name the artist of that song? Hints: rap, early 1990s, homonym of ski, opposite of high. ;) Last two hints give rapper's name away. lol

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