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Well, I can't say your wrong.

It's hard to say I disagree, so to say that I agree with the weird things Rand has done. I can't say I agree with playing small to serve other's interests. I can't say I agree with Iran sanctions, I can't say I supported Mitt Romney, and I can't say I like what I've heard about the NDAA bill concerning Rand.

However I refuse to judge Rand so harshly. It's hard to imagine what Rand's shoes feel like. It seems to me that every time Rand opens his mouth he risks losing his shot at the nomination. I remember hearing the words "Ron Paul doesn't have a chance" from GOP pundits over and over and over but I haven't heard that about Rand. Who knows though, they might have Rand right where they want him.

However, no good deed goes unpunished/no evil deed unrewarded. Justin Amash has done the right thing and he has lost power to do right because of it. Whereas Rand seems to be gaining influence, old guard GOP supporters here in Tennessee seem to like Rand much more than Ron. They don't call Rand crazy like they do Ron.

I think Rand is picking his battles, like Sun Tzu.

A good general wins the war without fighting, and positions himself for the best chance at success. Perhaps Rand is trying to stay under the radar of GOP leadership and not end up like Amash, living to fight a battle he can win.

He couldn't win on the NDAA, he couldn't win on Iran sanctions. He couldn't have spoken at the RNC by endorsing dad and He couldn't win a senate seat without the support of the GOP. So while I can't say he did the right thing, I can say that I believe the man was raised right and that He is doing what he thinks is best for himself and all of us.

I sure as hell hope so.

At least this way we have two guys with a lot of potential playing both sides of the fence. We've got outlaw Justin doing the right thing, and we have the loyal Republican Rand Paul doing... whatever it is he's doing.

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