Comment: If I din't think I were perfect I wouldn't be who I am.

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If I din't think I were perfect I wouldn't be who I am.

Resolved: I am going to buy the vets Mighty 90 to discover if cigarette smoking is a nutrient deficiency disease. I know that eating can be.

Resovled: To quit smoking. Tobacco Smoke does contain minerals and high levels of formaldehyde. I'll end up pickled in Dr Frankensteens Lab next to Abby Normal.

I have been using a water pipe with tobacco for these last two years. I only have bought a couple of packs of cigarettes in two years or bummed them when traveling or visiting. But they are just too much. I can't imagine even smoking it close to the filter.

Quitters face three major issues.
Nicotine forms complexes with copper and zinc that are anti-microbial.

Nicotine is broken down by the liver into vitamin B3 and B6. Quiting cold turkey creates a deficiency.

Tobacco smoke has laxative effects. Instead Magnesium Citrate liquid, dose as needed. When I quit, people feel the need to tell me I am full if s it. They were technically correct.

Good luck with finding a new blueprint for eating. I did, instead of quitting. Well enough excuses.

Tom Woods on losing weight.

Take the Apple. Grok On!

Happy New Year Michael!

Free includes debt-free!