Comment: Your Fervor is Admirable But Irrational

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Your Fervor is Admirable But Irrational

You're not thinking clearly.

There will be a first call to disarm.

The government will make a general announcement that to insure the safety of the population from subversion and insurrection it is necessary to suspend the 2nd amendment and all firearms are to be surrendered peacefully. Many will proactively comply and as I correctly labeled them with the moniker, "easy pickin's". These men do not have the will to resist the federals. They are a liability not an asset and will not risk their lives for you when the time comes to make the fight for freedom.

After sometime, a second call to disarm will follow.

Federals with the assistance of local law enforcement (sheriff, town, village, etc.) will make a neighborhood to neighborhood push to call on homeowners and apartment dwellers asking them to surrender their guns. Again, many will comply. There will be some rebellion (you and others). If Your plan is to meet force with force at this time, the government will overwhelm you. Unless you plan to armor up the outside of your home you would be in a fixed and undefendable position. You cannot win and your sacrifice will be pointless.

Again after sometime, the third and final call to descend into tyranny.

Search warrants will be issued for those registered gun owners and their homes will be raided. What guns are found will be confiscated. There will be more forceful resistance but they will perish too. End of story.

However the federals won't have your guns if you remain silent as to where they are concealed even during the final call. Delay buys time to form a cohesive opposition.

The time for Americans to step up and defend the country by forming militias is now, before the first call or immediately after it. Former military personnel experienced in asymmetrical tactics such: guerrilla warfare, swarming, Fabian strategy, etc., must provide the leadership to achieve a successful resistance. Unfortunately I don't see that happening as of yet. Do you?

If you do decide to engage the federals by yourself, you better have access to the same weaponry they have if you want a fighting chance. Pistols and rifles won't be enough because they will have many personnel on the ground laying down concentrated fire on your position.

You need to get your hands on hardware such as the AA-12 repeating shotgun (see: ), or the M320 Grenade Launcher (see: ) or the MP5 (see: ). These three weapon platforms and their associated accessories are enough to repel a SWAT team until you can bug out to a safe location. You need to study, train and prepare for the unexpected; are you up to it?

You will have the element of surprise and you need to attack as soon as the first federal comes on your property. You can't wait for them to set up a perimeter. You'll have to kill everyone of them, leave no wounded. Can you do that?

Think about the words I am writing because this is reality, not some video game.