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re: when you said slaughter, lol, I knew that :-)

"I'll be right here with you, fighting the good fight in this rEVOLution of the mind."

OldNo.7J.D., count on me to be on the line with you.

Your age has nothing to do with it. Even as an over-achiever in many things in my life, at my age, I am *ASHAMED* that all of my life prior to this year I had NO interest in politics and asked my folks who to vote for, if I even voted. If I couldn't remember the names that they told me, I left them blank!

You are young, invigorated, intelligent, and I envy that. I would give up 10 years of my life to do it over again knowing what I know now. Please consider yourself lucky, and NEVER be afraid to confront the likes of me or others.

I may sound gruff sometimes, but I'm just a good-hearted mid-40's guy who likes to get my point across. And I like hot-wings and babes at bike night, when it's not too cold to ride :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul