Comment: I really really don't like Kucinich

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I really really don't like Kucinich

He and his wife are back stabbers.. they don't talk their walk, they are frauds pandering to the nieve and hopeful on the left.

And Dennis, if you're reading this.. You killed Dr White, you killed Jack Herer, you killed the CA cannabis health and hemp inniative with your "helping".. you didn't help. You dumped a sick kid Clayton Smith from NH because he was questioning presidential candidates on medical marijuana and thus you spared Obama, by putting Clayon, a quad, on a one way flight to CA, using Elizabeth's frequent flyer miles, thinking he was going to be a poster boy for our cause.. like CA needed a poster boy? Or what was the deal Dennis? That you would teach us that cannabis isn't medicine and that those who who died trying to support Clayton shouldn't mess with your Democratic Party?

You betrayed us Dennis, and I forgive you, but I will not forget what you did.