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Some facts

In Pierce County Washington there is a sitting superior court judge with an outstanding felony arrest warrant out for him. His name is Frank Cuthbertson. Here is a link to the crime that got him convicted.

Here is a link to show he is a superior court judge:

and another:

So being a superior court judge is no guarantee that you are not a convicted felon and a fugitive from justice.

Another Pierce County superior court judge got caught several years ago after he placed a murder contract out on one of his former gay lovers. Actually, the norm here in Washington State is for the Democrat governor to appoint people to the various superior courts who have criminal minds. That is why Washington State is know as "The child rape state" since no judge is willing to do anything to stop the ongoing problem of children being raped. Check out our present Governor, Christine Gregoire. She as state AG went to great lengths to cover for the rapists at the OK Boy's Ranch. Check it out:

Reporter Randy Shaw did an expose years ago and I could only find part one on the internet. Here it is:

With that being said, I think that Judge Napolitano would be a great nominee for POTUS.