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Dude, I listened to 14 minutes of that and all he did was do the

same thing you're doing.. Throwing out sound good ideas but there was no substance, no details. That's exactly what I said about you.

Look, these are wonderful ideas but they're not rational.

"Then they cannot use the service."

So they can either pay or be punished. Pay and they get to go to work, refuse to pay, and they are punished and have to stay home. That doesn't sound very voluntary. No more so than, if they refused to pay their taxes. If they pay, they get to be free and use the service.. If they don't, they go to jail and/or have their bank account frozen.

All choices and they are free to make them. Sure in one scenario, you don't have a gun pointed at you but it's still coercion.

"Your argument is akin to saying that if the state didn't tax us to pay for shoes we would all walk around barefoot.

Yet shoes are left to the free market and EVERYONE can afford shoes. "

Your analogy has flaws.

If a person wants shoes, they have a huge selection of possibilities and even the choice to make their own or go barefoot. If a private company owned the route I take to work or the grocery store, I literally would have no other options than to pay or walk in the grass beside the road.

That's unless you think it's a practicality that we would have side by side competing highways? Possible I suppose but highly unlikely to the point of being ridiculous.

I'm going to try and answer some of the other post you made here to keep our conversation on one place.

"As for minor and country roads, the people who live there would come together voluntarily to manage their roads."

I still see problems with that because we have a shitload of dirt roads and not all of them have enough people living down them that would probably have enough money to scrape the roads and do fills when needed. Especially in areas that get heavy rains.

Now I've personally seen this work in some areas but I've also personally seen some really bad roads that didn't get attention they needed.. Seriously, you'd have to have a 4x4 and drive really slow to get down them.

"Hell, if private companies can manage to put satellites into space, manage nation-wide cell phone networks, and build super-powered computers the size of a thin book, then do you think that people can manage to lay a measly strip of pavement down a country lane?"

Again.. because your idea works in one area doesn't mean it will work for everything.

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