Comment: Single Straight Female - Very Libertarian

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Single Straight Female - Very Libertarian

I see this as partly an INTJ problem, since NT's are the core of libertarian personalities. Of the types, the INTJ's are the most likely type to be looking for another INTJ (instead of an opposite or complementary type) and we're only 2% of the population (if I recall my data correctly).

Anyone interested in me can find out all the important stuff, in the DP archives!

Just remember, you don't have to be a libertarian personality (though I am) to be libertarian, politically. Politically, it just means whatever authoritarian tendencies you have or like you prefer to be chosen by you, and not voters, their elected representatives, and government employees. The field opens up a bit if you look for political libertarians who don't mind (being or subjecting themselves to) a little authoritarianism.

I am an eldest child and can be bossy! But I don't usually resort to threats.

What do you think?