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my wolf pack

Smudge, I picked up this thread tonight because I'm watching the tragedy play out live on CSAN. Figured I'd check out if anyone had anything interesting to say on DP. Turns out, there is this thread here on something that my wife has been talking about for a year (Classified/Dating adds for Ron Paul types - and all other types who find themselves welcomed here if not welcomed by mainstream society).
Anyway, I'm reading this thread to see what posts to point out to her tomorrow morning as she's only "kinda" snoring next to me. I read your post above - the thing about the moon and the she-wolf magic - thinking the posting party was a woman. Don't ask my why, but maybe it was because of the confidence in knowledge of females (i.e. only a woman would be that confident to lecture on being a woman). In any case, I had a very different picture in mind when I first read that post. I saw this one a bit down the page and it made me think of a movie that - as a mainstream movie snob - I find to be nothing MUCH better than most of the sh1t that comes out today as dirty comedies go, but with a few redeeming moments that help it float to the top of the sh1t heep: The Hangover.
In it, the relatively new comedic actor, Zach Galafasomething, proves himself to be a perfect Hollywood addition. That is to say, he makes me laugh in the movie sometimes, but he makes me sad in real life... and this sadness for his real life will probably creep into his films as he either continues to play the same role monotonously or starts to play roles that let his real character shine through. But there is a short monologue of his in the movie that comes to mind; it is the scene in which he's describing his wolfpack.
That is a long-winded way of saying that although you and I have nothing in common and would likely not trust each other if we met on the street or under most circumstances. However, I wish as a man that I had more men like you in my wolf pack. I am finding some off them slowly among guys my age, mostly by discerning among my own male acquaintances for the first time with concern for the manner in which they think. Somehow, we as men are very willing to forgive other guys for being terrible thinkers far more readily than we forgive much else. There are probably a great deal of redneck TEA party libertarians who "cling to their bibles and guns" who would get along smashingly with a group of metrosexual homosexuals from an east or west coast city when it comes to the MANNER in which they think, even if it doesn't lead them to the same conclusions.
Now that I recognize this, I have surrounded myself with some great guys my age, though they be few in number and each one is part of an unrelated group (so most don't know each other). There are very few men of our senior generation (we are either side of thirty) who are part of my wolf pack. You are a hard lot to find, I think, because when you were growing up, it was far more difficult to remain part of mainstream society while maintaining your rebellious and discerning spirit. To us, you tend to be a little kooky. Please don't take offense to that. I offer it as an admission of prior guilt on my part and not as an indictment of your way of life. My eyes haven't been open. I haven't been paying attention for very long.
Just know that you might be increasingly alone in your life, there are MANY younger men out there who need people like you, and I don't mean because you think you are in touch with women's wolf spirits (though I reserve judgment at this time as to whether you might be right, pending my observatons on my wife commencing NOW). I mean that we need you because we have so few good male role models. If you didn't have a good father (I was lucky enough to grow up with one), to whom do you turn in search of model behavior or model living? There are many things which my father did not know enough to teach me, primarily the "counry living" things that a small business owner (and I mean small business like you are only able to employ yourself and maybe one relative, and you close the business when you can't run it any longer). Where do I find the older generation of guys who can teach a young man to be like the men who thrived when commerce and trade or getting a white collar job were not necessary?
Know that your independence is sorely needed by younger guys.

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