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This is awesome

I came on here because my wife and I are both pretty rabid libertarian types (unbeknownst to us when we met), and we've been saying forever that if people from the daily paul met or pursued romantic relationships, a lot of very happy marriages would result... or civil unions, or anything else that ANYONE wants to call it when two people love each other enough to finally be willing to continue to find another person interesting every day or just spend all their time together.

As we're reading these, I'm seeing a lot of the same characteristics in the men on this page that, many would say, make me "anti-social." These traits (like yours) are the ones I wish more guys I knew possessed. I am finding myself with a lot fewer "buddies" these days. Btw, not saying you'll ever find one, but women who will love you for the things that make you the way you are do exist. I found one. She doesn't enjoy the fact that I would rather read than talk to her friends when they are over. At times, she has laid into me pretty hard because I have lost control in agruments with people during "civil conversation" time... usually tends to be her family and the reason we get that far is because they understand me more than any other people I know and they also argue as much as any people I've ever met.

Good luck. Try not to compromise, it might come back to haunt you later in life. For the record, when you find the actual right one, your entire life will be spent compromising, which in my house means giving in if she can't be convinced on the "small things" since we agree on so much at the core.

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