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Depends on the recipe

My first introduction to beans were red beans.. red beans and rice, every monday in New Orleans, and people put in onion, garlic, celery, bell pepper, green onion, smoked sausage, andouie.. herbage.. topped with butter.

For some folks.. they want just beans.. not a cooked salad with their beans.. the Basque woman who showed me this famous restaurant family secret.. without the onion bits.. the beans were much more creamy.. what can I say? Try it.

Chopping up the onion and returning it to the beans is an option.. but I don't do it anymore.. however.. If I was surviving.. you bet I'd eat the onion whole, chopped, raw..

PS.. back in 1973, New Orleans.. there was this little place... East side of the French Quarter, Buster Brown's, served the black community during segregation.. you could get a plate of red beans and rice for 25c.. if you wanted sausage or chicken it was 75c, served with a big plate of fresh French bread and slab of butter, lazy susan of condiments sat in the middle of the table.. to this day those were the best red beans.. creamy, tons of flavor.. but all it was was beans.. I think they knew that onion trick.