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The dollar index

compares the u.s. dollar to a basket of other currencies. If all the other currencies are depreciating faster that the u.s. dollar than the index will show the u.s. dollar going up, a false read on the actual value of the u.s. dollar. The best way to value the dollar is to look at what it can purchase compared to what it used to purchase and that will tell you everything. The dollar cannot buy what it used to, not just in terms of gold and silver (manipulated markets) but food and energy, and we all know how the dollar is tanking there. The government is giving us a lot of false indicators like the blotched CPI, GDP numbers, things like this dollar index and even the financial markets, all skewed indicators made to confuse us. If you're smart you look past all of these false indicators and look at real indicators, like how hard it is to make a living compared to the past, true fundamental indicators. That is what Schiff is basing his analyses on. The guy is smart and not everybody can follow along all the time.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.