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Comment: Don't limit yourself...

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Don't limit yourself...

As a searcher of love myself :) I used to limit myself to one category, like for example "she has got to go to church" stuff like that, and for sure you can find love like this by making categories or whatever your reasons are!, but there is a whole world out there and by limiting ourselves or if you want to be more judging others and putting people in limit yourself considerably. Sure there are some things that are a must...but sometimes we narrow the search so much that it leaves us lonely and frustrated! That popular song that is out where she says "we found love in a hopeless place"..well that rings very true! You never know where "love" can surprise you!

As from my experience...there is nothing wrong with "church" women but by saying this is the only place you will look you have already judged the ones that go to clubs or bars, or whatever! One day I just said forget it and started to live life and not make any judgements or limit myself...and you know to my surprise and happiness I found a woman in a place I never thought! For a lack of a better word, she is more "Godly" then many of the women I knew in never judge a book by it's cover, or where she comes from, etc. This is my experience. Also some information...there are many lovely women overseas, you would be surprised...don't just think USA...You just don't know unless you visit!..just throwing that out my wife is from overseas! Blessing to you all in finding that special someone:)

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