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This is an interesting topic

I am relatively young and without a family, and while I know some hard times are ahead for some reason I can see a light (maybe because I am so young...).

That being said, I have spent the last year educating young people my age on various college campuses about the fed, sound money principles, and Austrian economics. I saw a lot of positive responses and am proud to say I helped guide a lot of young college students to the light. Now that I feel good about that contribution I am focusing on myself.

I have an opportunity to make major money in China next year and as much as I do not want to live in China I can not pass the opportunity up. So my next move is literally to China. I plan on banking a ton of money, buying a bunch of silver, coming home and buying some land so I can become more self sufficient.

I am also almost done with my masters thesis which is on Austrian economics through the eyes of dystopian literature so maybe I can get a gig teaching economics at a community college level or something. It would be great to share help people understand economics better.