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Comment: I get it

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I get it

Perhaps I could have been a little more clear on my views. If you reread my post, I never discounted the validity of Christianity per se, only the use of it as a tool of control by men around us and throughout history. In fact GoodSamaritan thanks for helping make my point with your quotation.

I personally believe in some sort of creationism/higher power/everlasting consciousness, but I will be the first to admit I've never read the Bible, so I don't know exactly where my views fall within the scope of Christianity. I am however curious if anyone here has ever read any of Jan Irvin's works on entheogens in ancient religions. Also, Proof of Heaven is a book that I am dying to read (pun intended), but I just bought it for mom as a Christmas present and she hasn't finished it yet. Anyone here read that one?

As for the down vote, tough crowd! LOL