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I found a job teaching English

to members of a business community. Basically my salary will be the equivalent of $35,000 for the year long contract, however I will not spend a dime on housing or bills. Just food. So, I figure I can bank at least $25-30k Not bad for a recent college grad with an English degree huh!?!?

I will not stay in China even if I love it for a few reasons. First I do not imagine I will LOVE living in an even more big brother nanny state society. My job is in Shanghai which will be fun for a short period of time, but I love country side and Shanghai is a hugely populated city. However, I might continue to look around at other countries and try to find a similar gig for the next few years.

Truth be told..... I love America. I love America and all it's craziness and I know that that is not a popular sentiment on this site, but I love this country so I will be back.

Physical silver is what I have been investing in and it is beautiful. I love it.