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Nice! I think it'll be an

Nice! I think it'll be an awesome experience for you for various reasons. I studied abroad in high school (Brazil), and few experiences can enlighten one like living abroad.

I also relate in terms of your living preferences. I'm not a big city person; I need space. Having said that, you may find yourself surprised at what you find, especially in terms of your expectations that China is more "Big Brother/Nanny State" than here. On a headline level that may be true; but as we can all attest, it's a very relative matter. There are tradeoffs wherever you are when it comes to the imposition of government, and wherever you find happiness, well, there it is.

But after a year in Brazil, I felt the same way... I loved Brazil, but America was home, and I was glad to be back. Not for any particular advantage I could discern between governments, but merely for its familiarity and comfort, and for the sense I had that I could make it better. I feel a little different today, of course; but only in the sense that I feel like I know government will be there in some form or another no matter what. and now I know what to look for and how to find and/or make the best of any situation.

In any case, I wish you the best in Shanghai, and if you can, I think it would be helpful if you could post some updates on your experiences while you're out there. Heck, even a blog if you have the time...