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It seems appropriate that this once great nation has fallen--

when we look at NY's Eve celebrations with a major news channel journalist reporting on the celebrations~~deliberately showing 2 gay men kissing in front of the TV cameras. This was by design, and whether we agree or not with this behavior, it really is offensive to most people who see this still. So be it. It is a sign of the end of our American times and our American culture which has now officially lost all her protection from God. It is laughing in the face of our GOD, laughing at his Book of Life, laughing at HIM. So, who cares about the government stealing more of our money through taxation or through the elimination of deductions, or through inflation? Why should we care any more? Why should we care what happens to the plebes? The Rinos & Dems don't care, not in the least...

Until there is a massive awakening, NOTHING will ever change. Unless people begin to FEEL their freedoms taken away from them, and when they are pushed up against a wall, then and only then will they change and say, "Sheesh, gee, golly, what happened, duh~~~" What idiots the masses least 1/2 of them anyway.

Oh, well, GOD is not looking kindly at his American children anymore. We shall reap what we sow. That's how the saying goes anyhow. And, those who can see there is MORE, MUCH MORE AT RISK here than us going financially over some stupid "cliff" realize that it is really about America going over the abyss into her own grave!