Comment: The new liberal circlejerk buzz word is "plutocracy"

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The new liberal circlejerk buzz word is "plutocracy"

It is the title for their 'libertarian' straw man world.

Your friend is extremely knowledgeable in statist propaganda. He is too busy being a keyboard aristocrat to see that THE ANARCHY STRAWMAN SOCIETY HE IS DESCRIBING IS THE EXACT SAME SOCIETY WE HAVE NOW BECAUSE OF STATISM.

I'm willing to bet that your friend spends many hours on /r/politics.

A few major points:

Competition produces excellence. Monopolies in the market are always temporary. The government itself is a giant monopoly. Liberals are afraid of monopolies so they want to create a powerful monopoly to stop monopolies. The logic is fucking stupid.

Being a government official isn't some magical transformation into being a good person. The same people who would abuse and enslave the population in the free market have even more power to do so in government. Once again, liberals use horrible logic and have a childlike trust in government authority. Liberals will attack a "greedy capitalist CEO" until that same person runs for office as a Democrat, then they cheer him as a savior.