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Certainly. I'm not suggesting attacking first. That would be


But defending yourself is never reckless.

There is no plan.

We either individually take out as many of them when they come for us as we can, or we just accept slavery.

There is NO other option.

You claim there is, that you can hide your guns and remain armed. But for what purpose? You have no intention of using them. EVER. You will forever claim, that any action "now" is "reckless." That is because you will never be in a greater position of strength than you are right now.

If the traitors who attempted to confiscate door to door didn't know if they were gonna make it alive to the next house or not, they would quickly decide it wasn't worth it.

If we take out at least one each time, even wound them, if someone is sniping them as they move from house to house, if door to door battles begin, and other neighbors DO come to the aid of others in the path of the battle, then there is a chance. Not much, but better than surrender.

The more resistance that is encountered upfront, the better chance everyone else has. THAT is why people resist. Not for themselves - but for everyone else.

One resister will give courage to thousands to do the same.

If you roll over - you're as good as useless to anyone.

At what point are you going to magically decide not to roll over any more?

At what point are you going to say "okay, NOW is the time to fight?"

The answer is NEVER, because your own arguments say we aren't strong enough yet. We don't have the numbers. But after confiscation, the few who managed to survive AND hide their guns and ammo, will be far fewer in number than we are now. They will be a shell of the force that exists now.