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Comment: I don't play video games. Not that kind anyway.

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I don't play video games. Not that kind anyway.

Perhaps we are talking past each other.

I understand fully every thing you are saying in this latest comment.

I thought we were discussing the step #3 all this time.

Certainly, a voluntary request, even one done door to door, is far different than armed assaults house to house.

Surely, if force is NOT being employed against you immediately, then there is no cause for lethal force in response. (steps 1 & 2)

However, when step 3 happens, and I see them coming, I'm not going to survive the encounter anyway. I might as well engage first and hope to take out as many as I can. And I can certainly come to the aid of my neighbors going through the same thing.

I don't have the training or the tools to win a war. My place will be to hopefully make your task a little easier.

Will my resistance in step #3 hinder your ability to win later?

If so, please explain how.