Comment: I know this sounds like a cop out..

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I know this sounds like a cop out..

but I have no interest in fighting the second American revolution... I am writing from the Chicago airport as I just returned from job searching in south east asia. I will most likely be taking a job in Finance or Banking in Shanghai (Communist I know, but its kinda one of those in name only things.. I found it to be more free for westerners than the west is.. not quite the same experience for Chinese I believe), but I am still traveling to Chile in a couple months to evaluate opportunities there. I will be leaving the country within the year until after this whole thing blows up.

I want to live in a place that is stable, where things get a little better everyday rather than a little/lot worse, and where my life isn't emotionally controlled by what a bunch of traitors/sociopaths do in DC.. it makes me so worked up I'll die of a heart attack!

Though I'm fleeing rather than fighting, I plan on making the maximum financial contributions I can afford to truly pro liberty initiatives. America will need some pro liberty expats outside the reach of the USSA.