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Comment: It's never happened

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It's never happened

Your argument is a fairy tale. Mutation never results in a gain of genetic information.

Evolutionists postulate that over millions of years, simple organisms containing minimal information evolved into increasingly complicated creatures. This uphill progression requires a continual net increase in the amount of genetic information. The problem is that the currently popular mechanisms of evolution (natural selection and mutation) result in an increase of information only in the imaginations of evolutionists. Observational science has demonstrated repeatedly that these processes reduce information or at best shuffle existing information.

Information scientist Dr Werner Gitt has observed,

“There is no known law of nature, no known process and no known sequence of events which can cause information to originate by itself in matter.”

Evolutionists often claim that mutations can increase genetic information. But even when mutations occur and add to the variability, they do not increase the genetic information so as to provide the raw material to produce new kinds of animals, as evolutionists claim. In no case does any mutation provide the information to become—to evolve into—a new kind of organism.

Even when scientists tamper with life, nothing ever changes. Flies stay flies, roses stay roses, dogs stay dogs, etc. Evolution has never happened. This micro/macro stuff is hogwash - to say nothing of the phony millions of years that it supposedly requires.

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