Comment: Aquaponics.

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We just finished our geodesic greenhouse, will be putting in a rocket mass heater later this month, then getting our full aquaponics system going.
I have been raising chickens for years now, for meat and eggs. I have a pair of calves, one for meat, the other will be my nurse cow.
We let our 2 underwater mortgages go back to the bank, and bought 17 acres in the boondocks that we will transform into a food forest as time goes by. We put a well in last spring, and wound up having to get power run to the place to get the animals through the winter, but we hope to get off-grid power going next summer.
Once the place is functional, we will host seminars there.
And we stack silver. We had a big stack, but had to cash it in for the well. Now we have a tiny stack started again.

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