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Comment: Ah, Grasshopper, ....

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Ah, Grasshopper, ....

Your friend lives in a nightmare and believes he is awake.

He has accepted the opinions of others as truth, without testing or verifying, and has come to erroneous conclusions. Once opinions have been adopted, no one has ever argued another man into changing his mind, but many have been led to find the truth on their own.

You have done a good arguing with him. Like the grain of sand that irritates the oyster, it will eventually produce pearls of wisdom. But also like pearl farming, you must be patient.

Your friend has asserted many things. He needs to provide you with the arguments that support his assertions. You, on the other hand, need to know which questions to ask. So rather than trying to educate your friend, educate yourself first.

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Here are questions for your friend: what was the ratio of income, rich to poor, in 1900? What is it today, after a century of progressive taxation?

What is the history of corporations, as they did not seem to exist in 1830 the way they exist today? Why?

If the rich would take control of a free economy, what have they done in a controlled economy such as we have today?

Does the concentration of power attract honest or corrupt men?