Comment: Demagogues...Demagogues Everywhere!

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Demagogues...Demagogues Everywhere!

Demagogues...Demagogues Everywhere!

1st off, Libertarians believe in the Constitution, which is the supreme Law of the Land, we believe that the Role of Government is to uphold the Constitution along with Contract Laws.
2nd, "Tyrannical Corps" and Cartels Hate the Free Market. If they loved it why didn't any of them throw there support behind Ron Paul, and why did the Big Banks / cartels support Romney / Obama who want gov controlled markets... There's your clue!
3rd, in a Free Market, the only way for a Corporation to become a monopoly is to supply the best product at the best price, there is nothing wrong with that. IE, they can only get rich if people voluntarily give them their money. Currently we have big corps / banks getting rich through government subsidies/contracts/bailouts. There is none of that in the Libertarian Free Market, your friend has literally no idea what he's talking about at all. Big Biz is allowed to Fail!
4th, under the Freer market system we had in the past, we had the largest middle class and paid the highest wages, while selling products at the lowest price. That is called the Invisible Hand.

This is just a start, but seriously, your friend literally has no clue what he's talking about, I'm seriously questioning if this is even real lol.

Good Luck with him, hope this helps.