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Comment: For some reason, I never once

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For some reason, I never once

For some reason, I never once thought about this issue. That's probably because I am married and my wife and I have traveled the road together for 15 years. We both would have described ourselves as conservative in the mid 1990's.... but as our marriage and world history progressed, and our personal experiences, we both (through endless discussions along the way) fell madly in love with the Liberty message, and even more madly in love with each other.

Looking back over meetup groups and rallies, yes, the guys did vastly outnumber the women. I never took much note because I wasn't there as a single fellow (but if I had been, I surely would have taken note).

A solution, if my experience is any indication, may come from just finding a decent woman, no matter her particular political outlook at the moment, and as time and romance blossom, begin to discuss the world and your views of it. I definitely took the lead in my wife and I's transformation from neo-con to Libertarian. But she was more than willing to give up on the political baloney that is the neo-conservative movement.